Main Contacts

16/43 Weikza Street, 9Miles,
Mayangone Township,
Yangon, Myanmar
(+951)650550 / (+95)95004804 / (+95)9257885566
Fax: (+951)650550

Map & Directions


THE ROCK VILLA is very strategic area and connects to every direction of Yangon city.
Approx 10 minutes walking distant to Ocean Giant shopping centre,
Approx 5 minutes driving distant to Myanmar Golf Course,
Approx 10 minutes driving distant to Shopping Malls,
Approx 20 minutes driving distant to Inyar Lake recreation area,
Approx 30 minutes from Hlang Tan area and
Approx 1 hour from the downtown area.

Airports: Approx 7 minutes from Yangon International Airport,

Transporation: Approx 20 minutes distant to AungMingalar Highway Bus Terminal.